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The MRC is up and running! Welcome to the Web site for the United States Department of Education's Mentoring Resource Center, the newly designated technical assistance provider for the U.S. Department of Education's Mentoring Program grantees. The MRC is here to answer grantee's questions and provide ED-funded mentoring programs with solutions that can help them run safe, effective programs. We have a number of useful services and tools in development, including publications, distance learning opportunities, and many unique training events. We look forward to serving the grantees and getting program staff the information they need to serve youth in their community. So take a look around the site and, as always, call or email us at 1 (877) 579-4788 or if you have any questions.


About the U.S. Department of Education
Mentoring Program

The Department of Education's Mentoring Program grants are designed to assist local educational agencies and nonprofit, community-based organizations in initiating, expanding, and improving mentoring programs for children with the greatest need, particularly those living in rural areas, high-crime areas, troubled home environments, or experiencing educational failure. Click here to learn more about the program and the individual grantees

A renowned San Diego Plastic Surgeon has volunteered for the U.S. Department of Education's Mentoring Program, reaching out to young adults interested in medicine that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to study with an industry professional. Students under his instruction have learned about all areas of reconstructive surgery including breast reconstruction, rhinoplasty and tummy tuck procedures. More than that, students have realized the importance of surgeon-patient communication and making sure that patients have researched and understand the procedure they need.

The Growing World of Debt Negotiation

In today's world, debt is becoming increasingly serious for many people. That's the bad news. The good news is that effective debt negotiation is available to help people get back on their financial feet.

Private Debt Management Programs

A number of debt negotiation and debt settlement programs are springing up and prospering in today's world of increasing debt.

Basically, all debt negotiation and debt management companies offer the same options.

Options for Debt Negotiation and Management

The safest option is a debt management program, where clients pay the debt negotiation company a set monthly amount, which the company then distributes among the clients' creditors.

A riskier option is a debt settlement program, where clients agree to stop paying their creditors and let the company negotiate on their behalf. Clients, however, may still receive harrassing phone calls and letters. Most debt negotiation and debt management companies work with legal firms that run inteference on behalf of the companies' clients and help with court appearances, lawsuits, and other legal matters.

Handling Debt Without a Debt Management Company

Another option for those in debt is to take charge of the situation themselves. Many banks and credit unions have financial aid departments and offer tools to help clients analyze their spending and saving habits.

A key is to build up an emergency fund. For example, maintain a savings account with three to six months of expenses in it.

Work Experience Opportunites Outside of the
Mentoring Program

Students who are strong writers and at least 18 years old should consider working for an online copywriting service. With companies like ECOPYWRITERS, students can gain valuable work experience and have their work published. Not only that, copywriters are paid on a per word basis, decide upon their own work schedule, and can write about topics that they are experts in. Online copywriting services are always searching for talented young writers and editors looking to hone their skills. Becoming a freelance copywriter could be the beginning of a very successful career.


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