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Education Mentoring Resource Center

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MRC Publications

Over the next year the U.S. Department of Education Mentoring Resource Center will be developing a number of useful publications and guidebooks that will help ED mentoring programs reach their goals. These topics reflect some of the most important aspects of running an ED-funded program. The knowledge found in these materials will also be woven into training and technical assistance opportunities, allowing grantees to gain a deep understanding of the subjects and providing access to national expertise and assistance.

As of now, there are four large publications slated for release this year:

Other Publications:

The MRC will also be making a number of other useful materials available to ED grantees on this webpage. We will be posting the Training Curriculum from all the events and conferences we host. We will also be developing a number of fact sheets and case studies that will help share research findings and best practices from the field. And depending on the need, we may also be developing downloadable promotional materials and sample forms that programs can put to use.

So keep checking the Web site throughout this first year for resources that can help ED programs get the job done.


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